Pair Of Alii Design Steersman Paddles 60" | #KOA3550

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Pair Of Alii Design Steersman Paddles 60" | #KOA3550
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Here is a pair of authentic Alii outrigger canoe paddle from Hawaii made out of curly (Paddle cost is dependent on the amount of color, curl, and character of the wood).

  • The paddles measure 60", blade 18" X 11"
  • Blade of the paddle: Alii design and the blade shaped like a tear drop and features a straight shaft design.
  • These functional handmade Hawaiian Canoe Paddles are designed to be displayed in your home or office.
Each paddle is unique with respect to color, curl, & character of the wood.

These paddles are made by our Master Paddle Maker and each one is a true unique treasure from Hawaii.
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