Tiki Lono "Fisherman" 4 Foot - Outdoor Statue | #rtg1001120B

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Tiki Lono "Fisherman" 4 Foot - Outdoor Statue | #rtg1001120B
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Here is a beautiful tiki measuring 4 feet tall, made out of solid Acacia wood also known as Monkey Pod (Made in Hawaii). This Tiki was carved from a single log, then hand rubbed to give a beautiful finish.

Lono was the god of OCEAN/FISHERMAN TIKI. Bestowing offspring on man kind and who was said to come down in rain to make crops grow. One of the favorites of the major Tiki gods.

ORIGINAL: British Museum, London

Provenance: Rarotonga, Cook Islands

This is a beautiful piece of art! These Tiki was carved with great attention to details.
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